Most Popular Kids’ Birthday Party Themes

Kids Party Supplies are Real Time and Pain Savers!

Wondering where to get party supplies?

Your child’s birthday is coming up, and you’re planning a party for your kid. I bet you’re thinking about kids party decorations and supplies and you’re wondering “Where can I find birthday party supplies?”. You might have everyone join you at a restaurant, so you don’t have to cook or clean up. You might have everyone come to your house so they can be free to run around. Either way, kids birthday party supplies can provide a theme and save you time.

Is a birthday theme important?

A theme is important to a birthday party to provide continuity. Think about the parties you remember growing up. Do you remember that Pippi Longstocking party or the Clint Eastwood one better than the fuzzy memories of your 9th birthday party … oh, you do remember the blow-up pool from that one, but nothing else.

Birthday party theme and your guests:

When you use a theme, it can help your guests too. Sending out a themed invitation can let the other kids know what your child likes. This way, when they’re picking out a present for your child, there’s something to go by – since the invitation announced, say, “Yo Gabba Gabba”. Then it’s pretty easy to go find a Brobee figure or the Dancey Dance Bunch DVD.

Hosting birthday parties at home:

If you host the party at your house, you can order up your kids birthday party supplies online. This way you don’t have to make time in your schedule to go to the store, have to find the right aisle, and then go through rows of plates, cups, and balloons trying to match things. Ordering online allows you to save time and get a complete set of themed birthday supplies at the touch of a button.

Birthday party packs:

Many of the themed party supplies have different packages to help you. You can order a set that includes birthday invitations so you can let your guests know of your theme. Some sets also include thank you cards, so your guests can re-live the memories when you thank them for their gift.

Party decoration at a restaurant:

If you’re meeting at a restaurant, it’s great that the restaurant will provide the food and clean up, but you can come in a few minutes early (or maybe drop off the party supplies a day or two ahead and let the staff set up for you) and put out your balloons, napkins, and plates. That way, when your guests arrive, it’ll be obvious where the group is meeting in the restaurant.

Birthday party decorations:

If your party will be at your house, you can get extra themed supplies to mark the road to your house. It’s kind of like leaving a trail of breadcrumbs! Follow the Foofa, DJ, Plex, and Brobee characters right to your door!

Ideas for a birthday party:

You can break up the party into sections. Start off with blowers from the party favor packs and let the kids chat and play. Then settle down to eat. After that, you can pull out the themed piñata and get the kids moving around again. Then get them back in their seats and working on themed activity sheets while you get the cake and candles ready to go. At the end, you can hand out themed sports bottles and balloons and let the tykes run around again. It’s easy to transition kids when all the supplies came together and you just have to put it in front of the kids.

Getting help:

Maybe you have friends or relatives who want to help you with getting the party ready. Let them know your theme, and then have them purchase the supplies online for you – as an added bonus! They can bring the supplies over and help set up, too.

What if its 1st birthday party? Or 2nd birthday?

Families make a really big deal out of a child’s first and second birthday. Many birthday themes have sets available specifically for these special occasions!

Online party supplies are real time-savers!

These days, we parents are lucky as there are a lot of places to go online that specifically cater to cheap party supplies for kids. You deserve spending your time partying and not planning, don’t you? Using kids party supplies with a specific theme can really make your life a lot easier when planning your party.

How to Plan Kids’ Birthday Parties

As parents, you need to know how to organize kids’ birthday parties. Organizing kids’ birthday parties is fun and easy as long as you follow some general guidelines. You can be creative and not too serious while organizing your child’s birthday party. The most important thing that you need to remember when planning a party is your child’s happiness.

Pick a theme

Most children’s parties have themes. Having a theme makes it easier for you to plan your child’s party because it narrows down your options. You can ask your child what he wants for his birthday party. For boys, pirates, dinosaurs, superheroes, and sports are great theme ideas. Princesses, fairies, and tea parties are fun themes for girls. You can also choose character themed parties like Spongebob, Disney Princesses, Superman, Disney Cars, and Tinkerbell.

Choose a schedule and venue

You need to pick a schedule and venue several weeks in advance. Choose a schedule when your child’s friends are available, especially when they are already of school age. Saturday morning is a great time for kids’ parties. For the venue, you can have it in your own house or yard if you have a big space or you can rent a hall if you have enough budget, and you are planning to invite many guests.

Send out invitations

You need to choose invitations that match your theme. You can make them yourself if you are crafty or you can download printable invites online. If you do not have enough time to do all these, just buy a pack of invitations from a party supply store and fill out the details. You have to make sure that you write down all the necessary details like date, time, venue, attire or costume, and your contact number. You can also include a map if you are going to have the party in a rented venue.

Prepare the decorations

Your decorations should also match the theme. You can buy balloons, streamers, banners, paper plates, plastic cups, piñata, and other party supplies from party stores or dollar stores. You can also make the decorations if you love to do arts and crafts projects using your own supplies.

Create the menu

Cake is a must-have in any party, especially in children’s party. You can bake the cake yourself or you can order it from your local bakery. For other foods, you can order pizza or prepare sandwiches. Spaghetti, hamburgers, chicken nuggets, chips and dips, and barbecue are fun foods in any birthday party for kids. Do not forget the drinks. You can prepare fruit juice or punch in a big bowl. You can also serve Kool-Aid for colorful drinks.

Plan games and activities

While the early birds are waiting for the party to start, you should have something prepared to keep them from getting bored. You can put crayons and coloring pages on each table or simple art projects that they can do. You should pick games that are appropriate for the child’s age. Do not forget the prizes for the winners and non-winners as well and also their loot bags when it is time to say goodbye.