Disney Frozen Party Supplies

Disney Frozen Party Supplies

Disney Frozen Party Supplies were already popular among girls. But as soon as the news got out about Disney Frozen movie winning the Academy Award, Disney Frozen Party Supplies have become a craze among girls of all ages. So, if your little princess is demanding her birthday party based on Disney Frozen theme, it is quite natural. Or, if you are planning for your lil’ princess’ birthday, Disney Frozen would be a good theme. And the good news is that now Disney Frozen Party Supplies are available online. So, you can get all your Disney Frozen birthday party supplies at your doorsteps without getting out of the comfort of your home.

Disney Frozen – The Background

Disney Frozen Party Supplies are based on Elsa, the princess of Arendelle and her younger sister, Anna. Elsa has got  a magical ability. She can create snow and ice. She is playing one night when she injures Anna accidentally. The king and queen call the trolls to cure Anna. The trolls heal Anna. They also remove the memories of the magic from her mind. Their parents decide that Anna should learn to control her magical powers. And until she is able to do so, the children should be isolated. Elsa is also afraid that she might hurt her younger sister again. So, she keeps herself locked in her room most of her time. Her isolation causes differences between the sisters while they are growing up. The royal couple dies during a storm at the sea. The girls were just teenagers then.

Now Elsa has come of age. Preparations are being made for her coronation. Many guests have reached Arendelle to attend the event. One of them is a tradesman known as the Duke of Weselton. He intends to exploit the kingdom for profit. Anna is allowed to get out of her castle. She is excited. She starts exploring the city. There she comes across Prince Hans from the Southern Isles. They instantly fall in love with each other. Elsa has been afraid that something bad might happen during her coronation. But noting happens. (Like Elsa’s coronation, the birthday of your little princess can also be celebrated in royal style. Disney Frozen Party Supplies include Pink color Princess Goblets and Starburst Centerpiece.)

Hans proposes to Anna during the reception. Anna immediately accepts. But Elsa denies to grant them her blessing. She forbids the marriage. Anna argues with her. Elsa becomes emotional and her magical abilities get exposed. Elsa panicks. She runs away from the castle. In the process, she inadvertently puts an eternal winter on the Arendelle kingdom. She goes to the nearby mountains. There she builds an ice palace for herself. The sisters’ childhood snowman, Olaf, is also there. Unknowingly, she brings him to life. (The Foil Balloon from the Disney Frozen Party Supplies depict both sisters with a lot of snow flakes. The snow flakes denote Esla’s magical abilities to create ice and snow.)

Anna decides to search her sister. She wants to bring Elsa back Arendelle and end the winter. She also wants to mend their relationship. She meets Kristoff, a mountain man. Sven, his reindeer, is also there. She requests Kristoff to take her to the North Mountain. As the group sets out, it meets Olaf. He guides them to the place where Elsa is hiding. Elsa meets Anna. But Elsa is still afraid of hurting Anna. But Anna keeps on persuading Elsa to return to their kingdom. Elsa becomes irritated. She strikes Anna in her heart accidentally. Elsa is again horrified with her powers. She does not want to hurt anyone again. So, she makes a very large snow creature to scare the friends away. (Disney Frozen Party Supplies include Disney Frozen – Sticker Sheets that feature the four most prominent characters of the Disney Frozen theme.)

As the group is returning, Kristoff notices that there is something wrong with Anna. The hair of Anna has started turning white. Trolls are his adoptive family. He asks them to help Anna. The trolls inform him that Anna’s heart has been frozen. Now she would remain frozen solid forever. Her heart can be unfrozen only if it is thawed by an act of true love. Kristoff knows that only Hans would be able to do this. So, he rushes back to Arendelle, taking Anna with him. Meanwhile, Hans starts searching Anna. He reaches to Elsa’s palace. A battle with the Duke’s army starts. In the battle, Elsa is hurt. She gets unconscious. Then she is imprisoned at her kingdom. (Disney Frozen – Beverage Napkins from the Disney Frozen Party Supplies feature a beautiful picture of the grand palace of Arendelle kingdom.)

Hans requests Elsa to undo the winter. But Elsa informs him that she does not know how to do it. Anna meets Hans and pleads him to kiss her to revive her. But he refuses to kiss her. It is then revealed that he actually does not love Anna. He wanted to marry Anna just to take control of Arendelle kingdom. After revealing his true intentions, he leaves Anna to die. He blames Elsa for her younger sister’s death. He also charges her with treason. Elsa escapes from her imprisonment. She heads out into the frozen winter on the fjord. Meanwhile, Olaf is able to find Anna. He tells her that Kristoff is in love with her. Then, they set out onto the fjord to locate him. Hans finds Elsa and confronts her. He says that Anna has died because of her. Hearing this, Elsa is grief-stricken. Due to Elsa’s despair, the storm suddenly stops. (Disney Frozen Party Supplies’ Square Dinner Plates feature cute pics of Anna and Elsa depicting the true love between the two sisters.)

The stopping of the storm provides Anna and Kristoff a chance to reach each other. But Anna sees that Hans is going to kill Elsa. She jumps between Hans and Anna. She freezes solid and blocks the blow that was going to kill Elsa. Seeing this, Elsa starts grieving for her sister. Anna starts thawing because she had decided to sacrifice her life to save her sister. And this was an act of true love. Elsa now realizes that her powers can be controlled only by love. Elsa thaws the kingdom using her powers. She assists Olaf survive in summer. Hans is returned to the Southern Isles. There he has to face punishment for the crimes he has committed against the royal family of Arendelle. Elsa cuts off all ties with Weselton. Kristoff and Anna kiss each other. Anna and Elsa reconcile. Elsa promises that she will never shut the castle gates again. (Disney Frozen – Square Dessert Plates from Disney Frozen Party Supplies feature beautiful portraits of Anna or Elsa with the royal castle and cute flowers in background.)

Disney Frozen Party Supplies

The following pre-packaged Disney Frozen Party Supplies are available:

  • Basic Party Pack for eight
  • Deluxe Party Pack for eight
  • Deluxe Party Pack & Favors for eight

Now, with the help of Disney Frozen Party Supplies, you will surely be able to create the magical Disney Frozen theme environment. But, do you wish that your lil’ daughter should look like Princess Anna or Princess Elsa? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered here, too. To make the birthday of your little princess a royal affair, Disney Frozen Deluxe Anna Costumes and Disney Frozen Deluxe Elsa Costumes are also available. These costumes are available for toddlers, too. So, whatever the age of your birthday girl, she WILL look like a princess. Also, don’t forget to order beautiful Tiara Haircombs.

Disney Frozen fans will adore these Disney Frozen Party Supplies.

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