Jurassic World Party Supplies

Dino Lover Son and Jurassic World Party Supplies!

Jurassic World Party Supplies

Our nephew and my son have the same birthday, though the years are off by two. My sister says that twins share everything, and apparently due dates were no different. Both of these guys love dinosaurs so we thought that Jurassic World party supplies would hit the button on the nose. Boy were we right on the money. This party went over so well that we will be buying more party supplies packs in the future. Although, thinking of it now, I don’t think we could top this one, simply because they have been dinosaur fans for years, unless the next movie has a cool supplies pack too.

My nephew knew about the party and what theme we were using three days before because of his whistle blowing sister. However, my son had absolutely no clue at all and we liked his reaction vs his cousin’s nonchalant “I knew this already” reaction. That aside, they both still had tons of fun with all the great stuff that came along with the decorations.

I have to say that the decorations themselves were fantastic. We were able to fill up the living room, kitchen, and hallway with them, and still had some stuff left over. The Jurassic World party supplies kit had it all and then some. Their presents went right along with the theme, dinosaurs from the movie; we found sheets, pillowcases, and some new folders for them. We also found some cool characters from the first movie (must have been able to sell off some throwback items since the new movie launched) like the jeep and the guy that looked like Indiana Jones.

I think the coolest thing was the 5-foot tall dinosaur that came with it. The kids definitely had fun taking funny pictures like riding him, taking a bite out of the tail, having an arm eaten, and more. That thing will stay in my son’s room for two weeks a month and in his cousins for the other two.

The second best thing I found in there were the invitations. Though we didn’t need nearly half of them, it was great giving those out. People were saying things like, “Oh, you are having a Jurassic World party? That is so great.” They were a nice touch and I am glad the company put those in there.

The party pack came with toy dinosaurs, tattoos, little bouncing balls, those blow outs (the things that you blow on and make noise), stickers, and some cool cups they loved (we had to split those between them). Oh, and the piñata had this awesome feature we used where instead of taking a month to smash it open, we simply let them hit it a few rounds and then pulled the strings. Poof, everything hit the ground. It saved many red faces from not being able to break it open.

Overall, the Jurassic World party supplies kit is a number one recommend for boys in my book. If you want a ton of fun, even for just one little guy, this is exactly what you need.

Jurassic World Party Supplies

Jurassic World party packs are available in the following variants:

  • Jurassic World Basic party pack for 8 guests.
  • Jurassic World Deluxe party pack for 8 guests.
  • Jurassic World Deluxe party pack with favor boxes for 8 guests.
  • Jurassic World Ultimate party pack for 8 guests.
  • Jurassic World Basic party pack for 16 guests.
  • Jurassic World Deluxe party pack for 16 guests.
  • Jurassic World Deluxe party pack with favor boxes for 16 guests.
  • Jurassic World Ultimate party pack for 16 guests.

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