Superhero Girl Party Supplies

Super Saving My Day – Superhero Girl Party Supplies!

Superhero Girl Party Supplies

My daughter is a superhero, marvel universe, wonder woman, DC everything, Super Girl, ultra-fan. When we saw the Superhero Girl Party supplies kit we went bananas. We immediately knew it would be perfect for her birthday and we were not disappointed at all. Our daughter had great report cards this year so we decided having a birthday bash would show her our appreciation. She was so excited.

The decision maker for all of this was the invitation set. She had so much fun making sure that all of her friends had one and an extra one to invite anyone she forgot. She wanted everyone to know that she was having a superhero party.

When we opened the box, the first thing I loved was the nostalgia back to the days when batman was a live show on TV. The old one that said, “Same bat channel, same bat time.” The plates, napkins, and balloons said stuff like “Pow,” “Bam,” “Zap.” The cups were somewhat generic with their, “Super You” on them, but they still worked out great. I was hooked on the whole thing though.

As far as the party went, we had a costume party and the decorations fit so well. We had super girl (our daughter), wonder woman/girl, Jessica Jones (from the TV show), black widow, elastigirl (the Incredibles), and cat girl (would have been cat woman, but she was young). Even a couple parents jumped in on the fun and showed up as couples like Lois and Clark, Phoenix and cyclops, and wolverine and Mariko (that Japanese woman he loved). It was so exciting and fun.

They also wore all kinds of stuff from the characters and the glow necklaces were a nice touch from the superhero girl party supplies kit. From glitter balls to rainbow springs, the whole thing was awesome (according to my daughter and her friends). The entire day was special for her and I doubt she will forget it anytime soon.

I think the final touch that was sweet was the piñata. It was one of those new pull string types, but they bashed it in and we didn’t need to pull those strings. The girls were too old for that anyway. The best part about it was that it said “Pow” on the side. I still can’t overcome the idea of having those sound effects written in words like that. It was sweet and brought back many memories for us adults.

Moreover, it is a great conversation starter. Everyone has something to say about the words. When we were kids, no one cussed on TV or in movies that were for families. They were more wholesome times, though we grew up with more broken bones, laughs, and lessons than children these days.

Overall, the superhero girl party supplies would win over any super girl any day. If this is the kind of girl you have, as we do, then this is what you need for your birthday bash.

Superhero Girl Party Supplies

Superhero Girl party packs are available in the following variants:

  • Superhero Girl Basic party pack for 8 guests.
  • Superhero Girl Deluxe party pack for 8 guests.
  • Superhero Girl Deluxe party pack with favor boxes for 8 guests.
  • Superhero Girl Ultimate party pack for 8 guests.
  • Superhero Girl Basic party pack for 16 guests.
  • Superhero Girl Deluxe party pack for 16 guests.
  • Superhero Girl Deluxe party pack with favor boxes for 16 guests.
  • Superhero Girl Ultimate party pack for 16 guests.

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