Minnie Mouse Party Supplies

Minnie Mouse Party Supplies

Minnie Mouse Party Supplies – The Background

Perhaps you’ve had a love for Minnie Mouse since you were a little girl. And maybe that attachment came from your mother. And now you’re looking to pass on the family tradition of Minnie Mouse Mania to your daughter. Or maybe your daughter has developed her own liking of the infamous mouse. Either way, having a theme birthday party using Minnie Mouse party supplies will celebrate not only your child’s birthday, but also the mouse she loves.

Minnie Mouse Party Supplies – The Options

You can make the day extra special with a personalized birthday banner that has your own message to your birthday girl (such as “Happy Birthday my lovely Mouseketeer”). While you’re at it, get extra heart-shaped balloons, because your girl is the love of your heart – show her! (BTW you can also get a disposable helium tank so the balloons will float)

While you’re ordering your party pack, make sure you get a Minnie Mouse ears headband for your birthday girl, so she’ll stand out at the party.

You can keep the girls occupied with very little effort. When you place your order, you can get a Minnie Mouse piñata, as well as things to put in it. The girls will have loads of fun trying to break open the piñata.

Remember to get the party favor boxes, as well. The girls will giggle when they see ponytail holders, bracelets, stickers, and a brush and mirror. In fact, they’ll probably spend and hour using the brushes to comb each other’s hair!

After having their fill of food and cake, you can gather all the little ones and sit them down to watch “Pinocchio” and then tell them that the cat, Figaro, in the movie is Minnie’s cat! You can go on to explain that Minnie Mouse also has a dog, named Fifi, who has 5 puppies with Mickey Mouse’s dog Pluto.

As the girls inquire how you know this, you can share stories of your love of Minnie Mouse. Maybe you’ve had your picture taken with Minnie and you can show it to the girls now.

You can have a contest to see who can draw the best Minnie Mouse ears (including bow), or who can do the best impersonation of Minnie’s favorite phrase: “Oh, Mickey…”

The best part of the party will be the part that no one sees – how easy it was for you to get ready with the decorations! You have the theme; that was easy! Why spend hours in traffic driving to stores across town, to find out that they do not have everything you need? Avoid the hassle and get all of your Minnie Mouse party supplies in one convenient place – online! You can even shop while your little girl is sleeping in her own bed.

The only thing better than this is how cute the party will be!

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