The Octonauts Party Supplies

The Octonauts Party Supplies

Explore! – Rescue! – Protect! The Octonauts Party Supplies Are Here!

The Octonauts Party Supplies are based on the British children’s television series of the same name. The tv series is produced by Silvergate Media. It runs on Cbeebies channel of BBC. The series uses British voice actors. But it is animated by Brown Bag Films of Ireland. The television series is based on children’s books written by American-Canadian authors of Meomi Design Inc., Vicki Wong and Michael C. Murphy. Kids identify themselves with the characters of the series. They love the series. They adore it so much that they want to celebrate their birthday with Captain (Barnacles) and Lieutenant (Kwazii), the most popular characters of the series. The Octonauts  Party Supplies are available online now. So a birthday party based on the Octonauts theme can be arranged easily.

The Octonauts – The Background

The Octonauts are adventurers. They live in the Octopod, an undersea base. They are eight in numbers. They use a fleet of aquatic vehicles to go on underwater adventures. This undersea exploring crew is made up of stylized and cute anthropomorphic animals. Kids, too, are adventurers in nature. And they love to see adventures in movies and on television. They dream of going on adventures. The Octonauts Party Supplies will make their dreams come true.

The tv series has been very popular among kids since it first aired on ABC in Australia and CBeebies in the UK. In the UK, it was the No. 1 pre-school age show. It was also the first pre-school show that was ranked in the top ten by kids aged 4–15 (older audiences). In January 2011, it was the top-ranked ABC programme for 5-12 year olds in Australia. ABC called its first month as unprecedented success. On IMDB, the series has been rated 7.4 out of 10. The Octonauts was nominated for International Emmy Award in the “Kids—Preschool” category in 2013. In the same year, it was also nominated for Irish Film and Television Award in the “Best Children’s/Youth Programme” category. The Octonauts DVD boxed set is rated among the top five best-selling Children’s TV DVD at Amazon UK. The popularity of the series has prompted online kids birthday party stuff suppliers like Birthday Express to create The Octonauts Party Supplies, Party Packs and Favor Boxes.

The most popular Octonauts characters are Kwazii, Barnacles and Peso. Barnacles is the captain of the adventures. He is a brave polar bear. He is so strong that he can easily lift a giant clam. He has the ability to drive any ship or gup. Kwazii is the Lieutenant and Cryptozoologist of the crew. He is a daredevil cat. He has a mysterious pirate past. He believes that there are many sea monsters under the sea. Like, Tri-Toothed-Terror, Nackerwhack, Monster of Creepy Cove, Giant Shrimp Monster etc. He is afraid of spiders. Peso is the Medic Penguin of the group. He speaks with a Spanish accent. He tries to avoid scary situations. But he proves to be the bravest Octonaut of all when someone is in trouble or hurt. Pinto is his younger brother. These three adorable characters are prominently featured on most of the Octonauts party supplies.

Professor Inkling is also popular among kids. He is a Dumbo Octopus (Grimpoteuthis). He is the Oceanographer and Founder of the group. He brought the Octonauts together to have adventures and study the oceans. Dr. Shellington is a Marine biologist. He is a sea otter. He speaks with a Scottish accent. He has a great knowledge about ocean creatures. He is not a great driver. Tweak is the engineer of the crew. He is a rabbit lives in the launch bay. She speaks with a Southern-American accent. She also invents new items. Dashi is the photographer and Information technology Officer of the crew. Dashi is a dog who takes care of all the computers aboard the Octopod. He speaks with an Australian accent. Tunip is a vegimal (half-vegetable, half-animal). He is the ship’s gardener and cook. He works in the garden pod. He loves to make kelp cakes. He is so chicken-hearted that he often faints at shocking news. All these fantastic and adorable characters will come alive in the b’day bash with the Octonauts party supplies.

The Octonauts Party Supplies – The Options

A lot of the Octonauts party supplies and packs are available now. The Basic pack contains eight dinner and dessert plates featuring Kwazii Kitten, Captain Barnacles Bear and Peso Penguin. The eight 9 oz. paper cups come with a picture of Kwazii. Eight orange color forks and spoons and 20 lunch napkins featuring Tweak Bunny are also included in the pack. One Bermuda Blue (Turquoise) color table cover, 12 colid color balloons (orange and true blue), two curling ribbon rolls (blue and orange) are alos there. 16 blue color cake candles and eight thank you notes feature Captain Barnacles Bear and other Octonauts.

The Deluxe pack includes everything in the Basic pack. Plus one the Octonauts themed foil balloon and centerpiece and six extra green balloons. One extra green curling ribbon and 3 crepe papers (blue, green orange) are also included. The pack also contains eight The Octonauts cone hats featuring Kwazii, Barnacles and Peso and one Octonauts themed 18″ x 61″ personalized banner. Also, the solid blue colored table cover is replaced by Octonauts themed table cover.

Then there is the Ultimate Party Pack in the Octonauts party Supplies. It includes everything that is being offered in the Deluxe pack plus some extra items. There is one Octopus jumbo balloon, one submarine stand-in and 12 cupcakes wrappers. Eight cupcakes boxes, giant wall decals, one piñata, a bag of piñata fillers, piñata buster and piñata blindfold are alos included. This pack also includes eight favor boxes with favors.

Each Favor Box from The Octonauts Party Supplies includes a Clown Fish Wiggler and Asst. Starfish. Penguin Squirt Toy, a Pirate Patch, The Octonauts Sticker Sheet and a Blowout are also included. The Octonauts Deluxe pack is also available with favor boxes. If the number of guests is more than eight, the Deluxe party pack and the Ultimate party packs are available for 16 guests, too.

Sound the Octo-Alert! The Octonauts Party Supplies are selling faster than you can say ‘buncha munchy crunchy carrots’!

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