Wizards of Waverly Place Party Supplies

The Wizards of Waverly Place Party Supplies

There’s Magic In The Air At This Party!

The Wizards of Waverly Place Party Supplies – The Background

Is your youngster enthralled with the Disney TV Show “The Wizards of Waverly Place”? Well then you have the theme for your child’s next birthday party!

Make it easy for yourself and enjoyable for your child by choosing Wizards of Waverly Place Party Supplies that announce to your guests not only what the theme is, but what your child likes.

Your guests will instantly have an idea of what to get your child as a present because of the themed invitation. Wouldn’t it be great for your child to get one of the DVD’s, a book about the wizards, a wizard wand, or a wizard spell book? See, the theme can carry over into the gifts! Your child could even go online and create a gift wish list, so the guests can have an even easier time choosing what to get (and your child receives what he or she wants).

It’s easy to decorate your home, the restaurant, the park’s picnic area, or wherever you’re holding the party. Pull out the balloons, blow up a few of them (and leave a few for guest to blow up). Then take the crepe paper and make streamers around the room (or table). You can use the curly ribbon to mark the “seat of honor” for the birthday child and have him or her sit in a chair lined with ribbon.

When everyone gathers together for the party, they can start off practicing their own magic. You’ll have a roomful of wizards for a few hours. They can pretend to be Alex, Justin, and Max. Maybe they can even dress up in wizard clothing.

You can hold a contest for the best magic trick or shenanigan. Or you could have your child help you come up with ideas for skits and then put guests into groups and have them act out the skits for each other. For younger children who may not be able to make up their own skits, they could re-enact scenes from specific shows.

The Wizards of Waverly Place Party Supplies – The Options

As the group of wizards settles down for food, pass out the Wizard plates and cups. If you chose a party supplies pack that included activity sheets, you could pass them out as the children finish their food.

After the food’s been devoured, you could hold a wizard competition to see which wizard might be the one to keep their wizard powers and not become mortal.

When it’s time for the cake, you’ll have more themed plates to pass out and Wizard candles for your child to blow out.

As you watch your party of wizards enjoying themselves, you can silently reflect on how easy it was to put this whole shindig together. The parents of your guests can imagine that you spent hours in stores, driving around to purchase all those plates, cups, utensils, favors, and balloons. You can gloat since you know that it took less than 5 minutes to order your Wizards of Waverly Place Party Supplies – in fact, the hardest decision you had to make was choosing between the Deluxe Pack and the Ultimate Pack (actually it was a pretty easy decision once you compared the value).

After the party is over, you can spend the rest of the day in conversation with your child (a novel concept, I know!) and ask what his or her favorite part of the party was. What were his or her favorite Wizards of Waverly Place Party Supplies. You talk about the skits that were performed and laugh over the memories.

Make your child’s birthday a memorable one. Make the planning of it easier than a piece of cake (wink).

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