Super Hero Squad Party Supplies

Super Hero Squad Party Supplies

Super Hero Squad Party Supplies is one of the most popular kids’ birthday party themes of all times. So, if you were searching for Discount Super Hero Squad Party Supplies you’ve landed on the right page.

Super Hero Squad Party Supplies – The Background

Super Hero Squad Party Supplies are based on Marvel Super Hero Squad, an action figure line. The line has been marketed by Hasbro since 2006. Super Hero Squad figure line features 2-inch scale replicas of comic book heroes from the Marvel Comics universe.

Each Super Hero Squad figure is portrayed in a super-deformed cartoonish style. The line was designed for younger collectors. But despite the “for ages 3 and up” category status, it has become a huge hit with fans of all ages.

Initially, Super Hero Squad figure line was marketed as four two-packs per wave. The success of the line prompted Hasbro to include larger multi-packs, vehicles, and mega-packs that contain larger characters in scale with the 2-inch line.

The Super Hero Squad Show is an animated cartoon series by Marvel Animation. It is based on the Super Hero Squad figure line. The series premiered in September 2009 on Cartoon Network in the United States. The animation of the series is produced by Film Roman and Marvel Animation.

Super Hero Squad – The Characters

The series is a self-aware parody of the Marvel characters. In the series the heroes have some comedic bents to their usually serious personalities and their powers and find themselves in comic situations.

The Incredible Hulk is childlike, jovial and good-natured. But he is prone to “major anger issues”. And these lead to various unintended mishaps. He has got a massive collection of comic books. He and The Thing from the Fantastic Four get into juvenile arguments over which one is the strongest.

Iron Man is obsessed with inventing a high-tech solution for even the pettiest tasks. But his newest gadgets either go untested or blow up in his face.

Thor is over- enthusiastic about everything. But at many times the other Squaddies are not able to understand his archaic Shakespearean English.

Wolverine hates being a mentor to Reptil and chooses to go it alone. But he admits that they make a great duo. He also hates that he has been nicknamed “Wolvie”.

The Silver Surfer likes to engage in philosophical discussions. He talks in a stereotypical surf culture accent.

Falcon is often seen with The Hulk, who calls him “Bird”. He is like a mentor or a big brother to him. He frequently reminds The Hulk of the task at hand. He also keeps him from losing his temper.

Captain America believes that he is living in the 1940s. This is evident from his sayings and thinking things. Like, when referring to the President, he mentions FDR (Franklin D. Roosevelt). Or, displaying shock when he sees karaoke, as that was invented by the Japanese. And the other characters have to explain to him that they made up a while ago. His character is actually based on the Captain’s classic origin: getting frozen in ice and unfrozen during the modern times.

The first season of the series debuted on Cartoon Network in the United States on September 14, 2009. Although it was to debut five days later. The show’s second season premiered on October 23, 2010. Starting Monday, October 3, 2011, Cartoon Network airs new episodes on weekday mornings.

In Canada, the series premiered on Teletoon on Sunday, September 13, 2009 as part of the network’s Action Force block.

In Australia, the series premiered on December 4, 2009, on ABC3.

In UK, the series premiered on NickToons in October 2009.

Marvel Super Hero Squad Online, a massively multiplayer online game was released to the public in April 2011. The game is based on the Super Hero Squad franchise.

Super Hero Squad Party Supplies – The Options

You may select Basic Party Pack from our Super Hero Squad Birthday Party Supplies which includes all the stuff you need for 8 guests. Or you may go with the Deluxe Party Pack from our Super Hero Squad Kids Party Supplies that has much more items than the Super Hero Squad Basic Pack. The Super Hero Squad deluxe pack is also for 8 guests. If you need favor boxes as well, I would suggest you to choose the combination of Deluxe Party Pack & 8 Favor Boxes from our Super Hero Squad Kids Birthday Party Supplies as it would cost you much more if you purchase them separately. If you think that the number of guests may exceed 8 you should consider Super Hero Squad Party Pack Add-On as it contains extra items for the extra guests. You may order Super Hero Squad Party Favor Boxes separately as well.

I’ve personally used Super Hero Squad Party Supplies for my kid’s birthday and through my personal experience I would recommend it to all Super Hero Squad fans.

Super Hero Squad fans will adore our Super Hero Squad Party Supplies.

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