Sonic Boom Party Supplies

Childhood Favorite – Sonic Boom Party Supplies!

Sonic Boom Party Supplies

For me Sonic the Hedgehog was the best Sega game series in the world. There have been some so-so games since the originals made us want to sit in front of the television for days, but my son has become attracted to them. He also likes the cartoons, even the old ones from my younger years, and so when I saw the Sonic Boom Party supplies I knew I had to throw him this kind of party. It was definitely surprising to him and his friends, but it was well worth it to see them playing around and having fun with Sonic gear.

First, the invitations were superb. Everyone said that they are keeping the cards to remember the party. When that happens you know you made a great choice for a party. We also gave out the awesome thank you notes that came with this nostalgic party kit. I still have one of the thank you notes in my son’s album, which I don’t think many people keep these days due to Facebook and other digital solutions, but I still have to print everything out and save them.

Sonic Boom had no lack of awesome sonic plates, cups, napkins, desert plates, and backed by the tablecloth, this was awesome. They did a good job on all the cartoon drawings on these items. The dinner table transformation into a Sonic cartoon was excellent.

The foil centerpiece really didn’t go with the whole design, but it didn’t look bad either. I think it was something rather tossed in the kit, but it didn’t clash with anything, so we left it on the table with the rest of the decorations.

The whole house was sonic the hedgehog and the last part was all the decals we put in my son’s room. I think the Sonic Boom party supplies didn’t have to include that, but doing so was a great touch.

They came with cool toys like a very messy slime can, stickers, and glow sticks. I think that they could have used more of a Sonic the hedgehog theme with the toys, but that may have made everything a lot more expensive so I was okay with it.

The piñata was the teaser of the party. Everyone asked about when they could break it open for hours until we finally let them, right before gift opening.

The best touch of them all was the sonic boom stick x game that was like pin the tail on the donkey. The winner was awarded with a cool sonic the hedgehog toy we bought just for that.

Finally, when gift time came, there were tons of sonic the hedgehog toys from everyone. We only expected them to bring other gifts but these were a great add-on.

At the end of the day the Sonic Boom party supplies kit made this day one to remember. The guests were amazed and my son was happy. Without the party kit I would have bought things individually, spent more money, and probably had a lot less to show for it.

Sonic Boom Party Supplies

Sonic Boom party packs are available in the following variants:

  • Sonic Boom Basic party pack for 8 guests.
  • Sonic Boom Deluxe party pack for 8 guests.
  • Sonic Boom Deluxe party pack with favor boxes for 8 guests.
  • Sonic Boom Ultimate party pack for 8 guests.
  • Sonic Boom Basic party pack for 16 guests.
  • Sonic Boom Deluxe party pack for 16 guests.
  • Sonic Boom Deluxe party pack with favor boxes for 16 guests.
  • Sonic Boom Ultimate party pack for 16 guests.

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