Shrek Party Supplies

Shrek Party Supplies

Shrek Party Supplies is one of the most popular kids’ birthday party themes of all times. So, if you were searching for Shrek Party Supplies you’ve landed on the right page.

Shrek Party Supplies – The Background

Shrek Party Supplies are based on Shrek Forever After, a 2010 animated fantasy-comedy film. Tag-lined as The Final Chapter, it is the fourth and final film in the Shrek film series and maintaining the tradition of the first three Shrek films, the film is a parody of fairy tale themes. The movie is distributed by Paramount Pictures and released by DreamWorks Animation. The movie was at #1 position for three consecutive weeks in the United States and Canada. The movie has grossed over $752 million worldwide and has been declared a commercial success. At the foreign box office, Shrek Forever After is DreamWorks Animation’s highest-grossing film.

The story of the movie begins from the first film just before Princess Fiona is rescued by Shrek and Donkey. King Harold and Queen Lillian do not know about the rescue and they seek help from Rumpelstiltskin, a con artist. Rumpelstiltskin agrees to help them in exchange of the kingdom of Far Far Away. But before the deal is signed, the king and queen come to know about Fiona’s rescue and the deal is not contracted. Rumpelstiltskin is dejected and bitter towards Shrek for ruining his plans of becoming a king.

Shrek had married Fiona but is fed up with being a family man. He longs for the days when he used to be a real ogre. He has also grown tired of being a celebrity among the local villagers. To celebrate his children’s first birthday, Shrek takes his family to Far Far Away. But there, three pigs eat most of the kids’ cakes and the other party food. Also, a kid demands him to roar. In frustration, he lets out a roar and the crowd cheers. Shrek is now sure that no one considers him to be a true ogre. He is so frustrated that he smashes the remains of the cake. Fiona argues with him about his reaction and he storms off in anger.

Rumpelstiltskin had seen this incident and decides to take advantage of the situation. He stages an accident in which he has been trapped under the carriage. Shrek saves him and Rumpel offers him a ride and a meal. When Shrek tells him about his frustration, Rumpel offers him a deal. He says he can give Shrek one day to live like a real ogre. In exchange, he would erase one day from Shrek’s life that he would not remember. Shrek agrees and the deal is contracted. He appears in a state where people still fear him. He is very happy but soon he finds that his home is deserted and Fiona is missing. Before he can understand anything, some witches capture him and take him to Rumpel, who is now the King of Far Far Away.

Actually, Rumpelstiltskin had erased the day that Shrek was born from his life. Therefore, Shrek was never born, he has never rescued Fiona, he hadn’t even met Donkey and the king and the queen had signed the contract to save Fiona and given their kingdom away. When the day would end, Shrek, too, will fade from existence.

Shrek, along with Donkey, escape from Rumpelstiltskin’s castle. Initially Donkey is afraid of Shrek, but when he comes to know about the lost past of Shrek and sees him cry, he starts trusting him. He tells Shrek about a loophole of the contract that if Fiona gives him true love’s kiss, the contract will be nullified. They try to search for Fiona and soon come across a band of ogres. They are resisting Rumpelstiltskin and Fiona is leading them.

Shrek tries his best to ignite love in Fiona’s heart for him, but she is busy training orges and preparing for ambush. She doesn’t believe in true love, but soon starts liking Shrek and is about to kiss him but stops at the last moment. Shrek is dejected and discouraged, but Puss encourages him.

Pied Piper captures the orges during the ambush. Shrek tells Fiona to kiss him and everything would be fixed, but it is ineffective as Fiona does not truly love him. Rumpelstiltskin announces that he would offer anything to the person who captures Shrek. Shrek comes to know about it and surrenders himself in exchange of the release of all the orges.

While Shrek and Fiona are being fed to Dragon, orges raid the castle and in the fight the Dragon is subdued and Rumpelstiltskin is captured. Meanwhile, the sun starts rising and Shrek starts fading from existence. But Fiona has started to love Shrek truly and kisses him just as he is disappearing. The contract is voided, the world restores to just before Shrek had the argument with Fiona.

Shrek embraces his family and friends, appreciates everything that he has and lives happily forever after.

Shrek Party Supplies – The Options

You may select Basic Party Pack from our Shrek Party Supplies which includes all the stuff you need for 8 guests. Or you may go with the Deluxe Party Pack from our Shrek Party Supplies that has much more items than the Shrek Basic Pack. The Shrek deluxe pack is also for 8 guests. If you need favor boxes as well, I would suggest you to choose the combination of Deluxe Party Pack & 8 Favor Boxes from our Shrek Kids Birthday Party Supplies as it would cost you much more if you purchase them separately. If you think that the number of guests may exceed 8 you should consider Shrek Party Pack Add-On as it contains extra items for the extra guests. You may order Shrek Party Favor Boxes separately as well.

I’ve personally used Shrek Party Supplies for my kid’s birthday and through my personal experience I would recommend it to all Shrek lover kids.

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