Princess and the frog party supplies

Princess and the Frog Party Supplies

Princess and the Frog Party Supplies – The Background

Has your little girl seen “Princess and the Frog”? If so, she’s probably acted out different parts of the movie. It would be sweet to let her be princess for a day on her birthday. With Princess and the Frog party supplies, you can order all the party supplies you need to make the day a spectacular hit and let the spotlight shine on your little princess.

You can spend countless hours at this store and then that store trying to find enough of the same kind of cups, napkins, and balloons that you need. Or you can go online and find everything in one place! Spend your time actually decorating, not preparing to get ready.

Princess and the Frog Party Supplies – The Options

In your party supplies pack, you’ll receive all the balloons, napkins, utensils, and plates that you’ll need. You’ll have color coordinated crepe paper for streamers across the room. You can use the curling ribbon to make a bow for your princess’ chair, helping her stand out on her birthday.

To really do up the event, you can get wall decorations (relax, they can be removed) that the girls can play with as the party is getting started. They can put the clings up on the wall, and then move them around as they act out the movie.

In between food and cake, your princess can hand out party favor boxes. The girls can enjoy opening up their boxes and be delighted with the tiara, wand, lip-gloss necklace, and stickers inside.

After the party, the girls can settle down and watch the movie (again). They’ll probably be able to say the lines along with the characters and sing the songs, too. As they watch, they’ll have their headbands and wands from their party favor boxes to act out scenes as they watch, like cheering on Tiana and Naveen as they face the frog hunters and pricker bushes.

Another benefit of choosing this theme is that your daughter’s guests can pick out a Princess and the Frog gift to bring with them. There are plenty of tea sets, plush toys, and clothes that have the same theme to make gift giving easy for the guests.

Order up your Princess and the Frog party supplies to make life easy, and the party fun. Celebrate your little princess’ birthday in style – let her be princess Tiana for the day!

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