Pink Skull Party Supplies

Pink Skull Party Supplies

Pink Skull Party Supplies – The Background

Sometimes a girl just wants to be a pirate. And when a girl wants to be a pirate, it only makes sense that the theme for her birthday should be a pink skull! This theme can be accessorized with pirate bandanas, skull wall decals (relax, they can be removed), and various party favors, such as stickers and coin purses.

Now you could hunt all over town to unearth the hidden treasures of matching party supplies. But is it worth it? Think about trudging across town and finding napkins and cups at one store. Then having to go back to the other side of town for balloons, only to find out that the pink is a few shades darker than the napkins. Yeah, THAT is a good use of your time. But you justify it because it’s for your beloved daughter. Come on! There IS an easier way! Order online, where everything is already grouped for you, and ready to go.

Pink Skull Party Supplies – The Options

The best way to make your piratess the star of the show is to personalize her pink skull party supplies. Imagine the surprise she will have when she sees a party banner with her picture on it and a message that you personalize for her (such as, “Aye, ’tis Samantha’s 8th Birthday Party!”).

You can also personalize the dinner plates, invitations, and thank you notes. Talk about sending a message! While you’re at it, you can even order a personalized centerpiece! Your young lady will smile with delight as she’s made the “Pirate of the Day”.

Your lady pirate can pass out party favors that include a cell phone lip-gloss, a cell phone-shaped notepad, a pen, glitter bracelets, and a faux-pearl necklace. The girls will be floating on the high seas with these favors.

The piratesses can also tack their try at whacking away on a nail polish piñata! This piñata and the party favors show how a piratess has to make sure she looks good and stays in touch.

During the party, the girls can act out pirate scenes. They can rescue each other. They can make someone walk the plank. They can play act for hours (you know the imaginations that girls have)!

Make sure to order extra plates and invitations so that you can send them to relatives and friends who were not able to make it to the party. That way they can also join in the festivities and remember your daughter’s birthday for years to come.

Let’s look at those thank you notes – when you that have your daughter’s picture and personalized message on them. First of all, what a great way to teach your daughter proper etiquette of how to thank her guests for coming and bearing gifts. And when the guests receive the thank you note, well, they’ll have a chance to relive the whole party all over again. You can bet that your daughter will receive a few phone calls or text messages thanking her for the thank you note!

Make your piratess feel like a princess with these incredible pink skull party supplies.

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