Hunting Camo Party Supplies

Little Hunter Celebrates with Hunting Camo Party Supplies!

Hunting Camo Party Supplies

I personally love to hunt each year and when my son became old enough, we took him out on a hunting trip as well. From there, he was hooked. He loves everything about hunting and it gives us a chance to bond better. He loves every type of hunting such as duck, rabbit, and squirrel hunting; he’s not old enough for deer yet. I got him his own camouflage outfit and the orange vest. You would think kids his age would rather watch cartoons but, no not him he love watching hunting shows, taking long trips in the woods, listening to the sounds of all the creatures and he knows what all the sounds are. I love playing hide and go seek when he has his camouflage on because I pretend I don’t see him and he really gets a kick out of that. He will make a great hunter and make me proud. The hunting Camo Party supplies were exactly what we needed for his birthday, there was no way we could pass it up.

We made the house look like a jungle with artificial trees, animal decals the floor fake grass we had a cd that had sounds of the wild. The whole house was setup with all kinds of camouflage decorations. Plates, cups, desert plates, table cover, balloons, everything was camo. The forks and spoons were orange, green candles, deer centerpiece for the table, and foil camo balloons everything went so well together. The cake was chocolate with all sorts animals on it and all his presents wrap in different kinds of paper camouflage, jungle and orange.

The Hunting camo party supply also came with a camouflage wall print that we turned into a game. We bought pin the tail on the deer and hid the deer in camo on the walls. Instead of blind folds, it was time to try to find deer tails (there were 10 of them hidden). It was like a scavenger hunt. It was fun seeing all the kids playing hunter and scout, telling themselves let us look for tracks, make sure we stay down wind so the animals don’t smell us.

All around the dining room, we put awesome deer head cutout on the walls. It looked just like we had shot a deer and mounted it on the wall, and we put one in his room to add to his collections of cutouts. His room is all animals from his bed cover to pillowcases.

We had to fill the green striped favor boxes with hunting dog tags, which is a toy in the kit, splat rocks (sponge rocks), glow sticks, hunting compass, and whistle. That was a nice touch.

Hunting camo invitations were great. We gave each one out to friends with brown and white swirly lollipops. Some kids were hard to contact because it was vacation time for the school year (winter). We asked if every kid could come in their own hunting outfits, which they did, what a scene. That was a great Kodak moment.

What a time my son and all the kids had thanks to the Hunting Camo Party supplies kit. It sure did make things easier. All the parents complemented me on the decorations and for a wonderful time and most of the kids took the cups and plates home because they came so detailed. We already have plans set to go hunting for a boar for the next trip, and he will be talking about this party the entire trip.

Hunting Camo Party Supplies

Hunting Camo party packs are available in the following variants:

  • Hunting Camo Basic party pack for 8 guests.
  • Hunting Camo Deluxe party pack for 8 guests.
  • Hunting Camo Deluxe party pack with favor boxes for 8 guests.
  • Hunting Camo Ultimate party pack for 8 guests.
  • Hunting Camo Basic party pack for 16 guests.
  • Hunting Camo Deluxe party pack for 16 guests.
  • Hunting Camo Deluxe party pack with favor boxes for 16 guests.
  • Hunting Camo Ultimate party pack for 16 guests.

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