How To Train Your Dragon Party Supplies

How To Train Your Dragon Party Supplies

Hey – Your Pants Are On Fire! *%! Dragon!

You’ve found a worthy collection of How To Train Your Dragon Party Supplies!

Stout partygoers shall you have, who are worthy to be amongst dragons!

How To Train Your Dragon Party Supplies – The Background

How To Train Your Dragon animated movie was released in 2010. It’s the story of a young Viking, Hiccup Horrendous Haddock III, which is lightly based on the 2003 novel by the same title. Hiccup is the only son of the tribal chief, Stoick the Vast who leads a tribe of dragon slayers, their proud tribal tradition. The tribe lives on the island of Berk, which is plagued by dragons who constantly take the village’s sheep for food. Hiccup is small framed and weak for his age. His father keeps him from the more violent activities of the tribe. Hiccup desires to become a dragon slayer, and sets out and captures, and instead of killing, befriends a rare, feared dragon named Toothless, the Night Fury. Through Hiccup’s persistence, Toothless and the rest of the dragons become friends of the Vikings. How can you use this story as a topic to encourage exploration of diverse ideas amongst your family and friends during the party?

Did you know that a sequel to How To Train Your Dragon has a tentative release date during the later half of 2013?

How To Train Your Dragon Party Supplies – The Options

You don’t have to wait to get your How To Train Your Dragon party supplies, they are ready and waiting for you to create a memorable Birthday. Scroll up and select a package that meets your initial needs. The basic package includes invitations, thank-you notes, dinner plates, cups, forks, spoons, activity placemats, napkins, and 18 balloons in 3 colors. You may prefer the Deluxe package. Either way, the packages provide the most value at a great savings. If you’d like to customize, you’ll be able to pick and choose individual items to add your special “flare” to your event to create the perfect environment for warrior worthy Birthday.

We think you’ll love the Stone Castle party favor pack! It includes a sheet of How To Train Your Dragon stickers, a Dragon Flying Disc, glow-in-the-dark necklace, a foam dragon mask, mini gold trophy, and Zotz candies. We also have some fantastic, hard-to-find balloons, and even helium to raise your party to new heights.

We appreciate the opportunity to take another item off of your to-do list for this special day.

P.S. > Pickup a bag of Fireball candy at your local store too, the hot cinnamon candy would be perfect for the assembled dragons and vikings to celebrate with!

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