Hello Kitty Party Supplies

Hello Kitty Party Supplies

Bonus! You’ve found the finest selection of Hello Kitty Party Supplies. You will love the selection to make your child’s Birthday party very special.

Hello Kitty Party Supplies – The Background

Here’s some trivia for you.

Did you know that Hello Kitty, produced by Japanese company Sanrio, was designed by Yuko Shimizu? Hello Kitty is part of the kawaii segment of Japanese popular culture. Hello Kitty is styled after a Japanese bobtail cat with a red bow. Hello Kitty first appeared on a vinyl purse in Japan in 1975. It made its first appearance in America in 1976!

Kawaii, or cuteness in English, began in the early 1970’s in Japan, and primarily the interest of teenage girls. The teenage girls began to write in their native Japanese. They added characters such as hearts, smiley faces, stars and characters from the Latin alphabet to their handwriting. The “style” created a controversy within the country. And literally, the style of writing was banned within the schools! It was thought that the girls had picked up the style of writing from comics. But it was later found that the girls had created the style themselves.

The brand of Hello Kitty is vast, from rare collectibles, contact lenses, credit cards, fire arms, yes, fire arms for women, blood pressure gauges, toilets, clothing, and of course, children’s toys, and books. In Japan, Bank of America even released a Hello Kitty credit card, and checking accounts. There is even a line of cosmetics, and in 2010, Hello Kitty wine, yes, wine, manufactured by Camomilla S.P.A, an Italian wine manufacturer who created the tagline “Our favorite girl has grown up.”

Hello Kitty Party Supplies – The Options

Scrolling up, you’ll find a fine selection of Hello Kitty party supplies for the Hello Kitty fan in your family to celebrate their Birthday in high cuteness. Select a package that fits your initial needs, click, and then dive into the extra possibilities. Our favorites – the Hello Kitty PEZ dispensers, Hello Kitty piñata, and Hello Kitty tattoos – all must have! We also have a HOT PINK tablecover, and custom Hello Kitty Happy Birthday Banners that you can hang up to let the world know you’re having a Hello Kitty Birthday celebration for someone special. Too Cute!

We really appreciate the opportunity of serving your needs, making it possible to take one more thing off your to-do list. Enjoy the celebration of another year with your family and friends. Birthdays, as you know, are very special, memories that last a lifetime. Celebrate them in high cuteness. Enjoy the day!

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