Fancy Nancy Party Supplies

Fancy Nancy Party Supplies

Fancy Nancy Party Supplies – The Background

You certainly have a child who enjoys the finer things in life if you are seeking Fancy Nancy party supplies! Did you know that Fancy Nancy, a wild young girl, has a fascination for all things fancy? Fancy Nancy loves to wear extravagant clothing and accessories, including boas, tutus, ruby slippers, fair wings, fuzzy slippers and costume jewelry. Imagine the possibilities with gifts!

Here is some Fancy Nancy trivia to impress your family and adult guests with. Did you know that the original book – Fancy Nancy, written by Jane O’Connor, was completed in 2002? However, the editor of the book, Mararet Anastas, INSISTED that the illustrator be Robin Preiss Glasser. Glass was busy with other projects at the time. And it was another 3 years before the first book was published with Glasser’s illustrations. Did you know this? That the author and illustrator were to create just 2 books on Fancy Nancy. And after the release of the first book, they signed a contract to produce a total of 13 more books. Today, over 25 Fancy Nancy books have been published. The most recent Fancy Nancy book is Fancy Nancy: Ooh La La! It’s Beauty Day – do you have this one?

We are excited to share what we have put together for you and your child for their Birthday Party. We have several packages put together, and, once you select what initially fits your needs for you, your family and guests, we have a wonderful array of fine Fancy Nancy party supplies that you may add ala carte to help you customize your party. We also suggest you make a trip to the local thrift store to look for some small Fancy party favors that may be appropriate to give to your guests.

Fancy Nancy Party Supplies – The Options

Scroll up, click on a package. All packages include invitations, thank-you notes, paper plates, napkins, candles, table covering, and so much more. Check out the Fancy Nancy Party Favor Box for your entire child’s Fancy Guests! Each box includes a Fancy Nancy sticker sheet, Fancy Nancy Blowout noise maker, Fancy Nancy notepad, plus a box of 4 crayons, 4 butterfly hair clips – so adorable, pink heart mirror and brush set plus a mini star wand. Fancy!

Thank you for the opportunity to help make your day one step easier, we love what we do, and even more, we love the memories of a well crafted Birthday party. Long after the party is complete, the fond memories will be the greatest treasure that you and your child behold for a lifetime.

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