Donkey Kong Party Supplies

Donkey Kong Party Supplies

Donkey Kong Party Supplies is one of the most popular kids’ birthday party themes of all times. So, if you were searching for Discount Donkey Kong Birthday Party Supplies you’ve landed on the right page.

Donkey Kong Party Supplies – The Background

Donkey Kong Party Supplies are based on Donkey Kong, an arcade game that was released by Nintendo in 1981. It is one of the earliest examples of the platform game genre. The reason: in the gameplay, the main character has to maneuver across various platforms. In Donkey Kong, the Jumpman must rescue a lady (damsel in distress) from a giant ape named Donkey Kong. He does so while dodging and jumping over obstacles. Later, the hero and ape both became two of most popular characters for Nintendo.

Donkey Kong was the first platform game to introduce the need of jumping. The hero has to jump over obstacles and between gaps. He has to jump even over approaching enemies. The game gives the player a score. However, the main goal presented by the game is to save the Lady. Points (score) is given to the player for completing screens and destroying objects with a hammer. Power-up points are also awarded for leaping over obstacles, collecting items like, purses, hats and parasols and finishing other tasks. The player normally has three lives. A bonus is awarded for collecting the first 10,000 points.

Donkey Kong game is divided into four different one-screen stages. Each stage represents 25 meters of the structure Donkey Kong has to climb. Each stage is 25 meters higher than the previous one. The final screen is at 100 meters.

In the first screen (25 m), Jumpman has to climb a seven-story construction site. The site is crooked girders and ladders. Donkey Kong keeps on tossing barrels and oil barrels. Jumpman has to jump over or hammer them. When an oil barrel collides with an oil drum, flaming balls are generated. Our Jumpman must avoid them, too. The players call this stage “Barrels”.

In the second screen (50 m), Jumpman has to climb a five-story structure. The structure is made of conveyor belts. These conveyor transport cement pans. Fireballs are also present in this scene. The cement pans look some what like pies. This is the reason that the players sometimes call this screen as “Factory” or “Pie Factory”.

In the third screen (70 m), Jumpman has to ride up and down elevators. While doing so, he also has to avoid fireballs and bouncing objects. The objects look like spring weights. Jumpman’s greatest danger in this screen are these bouncing weights. They appear on the top level. They fall near the rightmost elevator. Players call this screen as “Elevators”.

In the fourth screen (100 m), Jumpman has to remove the eight rivets that support Donkey Kong. The primary obstacle are still the fireballs. When the final rivet is removed, Donkey Kong falls. Our hero, Jumpman, reunites with Pauline. This screen is called as “Rivets” and is the final screen.

Jumpman loses a life if he falls through open rivet holes or off the structure. Life is also lost if he collides with a fireball, barrel, flaming oil barrel, cement pan, spring weight, or Donkey Kong. Jumpman loses a life if the bonus timer reaches 0.

With each level, the journey becomes progressively tougher. The fireballs get speedier. The barrels hurled by Donkey Kong become faster.

At the time of its release Donkey Kong was the most complex arcade game. It is also considered to be the first video game with a storyline that unfolded on screen visually. Also, after Gorf by Midway Games, it was the second game to feature multiple levels. The damsel in distress scenario in Donkey Kong provided the template for countless video games that were to come later.

Donkey Kong Party Supplies: Are You Ready To Save The Damsel In Distress?

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Donkey Kong Party Supplies – The Options

We’ve got a lot of options to choose from. You may select Basic Party Pack from our Donkey Kong Birthday Party Supplies which includes all the stuff you need for 8 guests. Or you may go with the Deluxe Party Pack from our Donkey Kong Kids Party Supplies that has much more items than the Donkey Kong Basic Pack. The Donkey Kong deluxe pack is also for 8 guests. If you need favor boxes as well, I would suggest you to choose the combination of Deluxe Party Pack & 8 Favor Boxes from our Donkey Kong Kids Birthday Party Supplies as it would cost you much more if you purchase them separately. If you think that the number of guests may exceed 8 you should consider Donkey Kong Party Pack Add-On as it contains extra items for the extra guests. You may order Donkey Kong Party Favor Boxes separately as well.

I’ve personally used Donkey Kong Party Supplies for my kid’s birthday and through my personal experience I would recommend it to all Donkey Kong fans.

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