Disney Cars Party Supplies

Disney Cars Party Supplies

Disney Cars Party Supplies is one of the most popular kids’ birthday party themes of all times. So, if you were searching for Disney Cars Party Supplies you’ve landed on the right page.

Disney Cars Party Supplies – The Background

Disney Cars Party Supplies are based on Cars, an American animated family movie. It was released in 2006. The film was directed by John Lasseter and Joe Ranft. It was produced by Pixar. This movie was the final, independently-produced film of Pixar before it got purchased by Disney. It is the second Pixar movie to have a completely non-human cast. The first one was A Bug’s Life. The movie’s background is a world where there are only anthropomorphic cars and other motor vehicles.

The plot of the movie is very interesting. The world is populated by anthropomorphic cars and motor vehicles. The Piston Cup championship has ended in a three-way tie. The tie is between retiring veteran Strip Weathers, perennial runner-up Chick Hicks, and a rookie Lightning McQueen. The tiebreaker race would be taking place at the Los Angeles International Speedway after a week. Lightning McQueen desperately wants to win the race. He wants to get rid of the sponsorship of Rust-Eze. He wants to take the sponsorship of Dinoco team. Lightning wants to reach California as soon as possible so that he can start his practice. He travels all night long. He somehow drifts off to a run-down town called Radiator Springs. He inadvertently tears up the pavement of the main road of the town.

Lightning is arrested. The judge, Doc Hudson, orders him to leave the town immediately. The judge is also a doctor. But the local lawyer asks the judge to order Lightning to repair the road. The judge agrees. Lightning does a shoddy job and repairs the road in a day. The authorities are not satisfied with the job. So Lightning has to restart the job and do it efficiently. But it would take many days to complete the job. During this period he makes many friends. He also comes to know that the town was once very popular. It was a stopover on the U.S. Route 66. But a highway was constructed near the town. It bypassed the town completely. People soon forgot about the town. Lightning also comes to know that Doc Hudson is actually the Fabulous Hudson Hornet. He had won the Piston Cup three times. But he met with an accident. He was forced out of the racing, and was soon forgotten by all. Lightning completes his job and spends one day with his friends. But Doc tips the media about the whereabouts of Lightning. He did not want himself to get discovered. The media comes to the town. Lightning leaves the town to reach for the race in time. Meanwhile the lawyer comes to know that the Doc had tipped-off the media. He criticizes him severely.

The race starts. Lightning is not fully concentrated. He soon falls into the last place. But soon, he comes to know that Doc Hudson has taken over as his racing chief. Many other friends from Radiator Springs have come to support and help him. When he sees Doc Hudson in his Fabulous Hudson Hornet markings, he feels inspired and encouraged. He quickly remembers the tricks that Doc and his friends had taught him when he was in town. He starts taking over his opponents. In the final laps he starts leading the race. Chick Hicks doesn’t want to lose this race. He sends Strip Weathers into a dangerous accident. When Lightning sees this, he recalls Doc’s fate due to an accident. He stops short of the finish line, drives back and pushes Weathers over the finish line. Meanwhile, Hicks has won the race. But the media and spectators criticize Hicks. They praise Lightning’s sportsmanship. Lightning is offered the Dinoco sponsorship deal which he refuses. He now insists to stay with his current sponsors as his appreciation of their past support. Lightning returns to Radiator Springs to set up his headquarters. He pledges to bring back Radiator Springs on the map.

The voices used in the film are of Jeremy Piven, Owen Wilson, Jeremy Clarkson (from Top Gear), Paul Newman, Richard Petty, Bonnie Hunt, Dale Earnhardt Jr., Cheech Marin, Bob Costas, Jenifer Lewis, Darrell Waltrip, Tony Shalhoub, Jay Leno, John Ratzenberger, Tom and Ray Magliozzi (of NPR’s Car Talk), George Carlin, Mario Andretti, Larry the Cable Guy, Michael Keaton and Michael Schumacher.

Cars premiered at Lowe’s Motor Speedway in Concord, North Carolina, on May 26, 2006. It was subsequently released on June 9, 2006. The movie reviews were generally fair. The movie got nominated for two Academy Awards, one in the category of Best Animated Feature. It won the Best Animated Feature Film award at the Golden Globe Awards. Its DVD was released on November 7, 2006 and the Blu-ray Disc was released in late 2007. Scale models of the several of the cars and other related merchandise based on the movie enjoyed record-breaking success and the estimated sales have reached up to $5 billion.

Cars is the last movie that Joe Ranft worked on. He died in 2005 in a car crash. The movie is dedicated to his memory.

In most of the movies the eyes of the anthropomorphic cars are placed in the headlights, but in this movie the eyes were placed on the windshield.

The newspaper, seen a few times in the movie, is named The Daily Exhaust.

Cars 2, the sequel of the movie, was released on June 24, 2011.

Disney Cars Party Supplies – The Options

You may select Basic Party Pack from our Disney Cars Party Supplies which includes all the stuff you need for 8 guests. Or you may go with the Deluxe Party Pack from our Disney Cars Party Supplies that has much more items than the Disney Cars Basic Pack. The Disney Cars deluxe pack is also for 8 guests. If you need favor boxes as well, I would suggest you to choose the combination of Deluxe Party Pack & 8 Favor Boxes from our Disney Cars Party Supplies as it would cost you much more if you purchase them separately. If you think that the number of guests may exceed 8 you should consider Disney Cars Party Pack Add-On as it contains extra items for the extra guests. You may order Disney Cars Party Favor Boxes separately as well.

I’ve personally used Disney Cars Party Supplies for my kid’s birthday and through my personal experience I would recommend it to all Disney Cars lover kids. Disney Cars fans would love these Disney Cars Party Supplies.

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