Block Miner Party Supplies

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Block Miner Party Supplies

Minecraft is one of those games that has me completely confused, I wouldn’t know where to start, which block goes where. Don’t get me wrong, it something like a construction type game that uses cubes by crafting. However, my son and his friends have everything Minecraft that they can get their hands on. He loves playing it on his tablet, PC and phone. I don’t mind him playing as long as he get his chores and homework done. To top it off, it does not help when I see any Minecraft shirts or other clothing I always have to buy it for him. Therefore, it was a no brainer what type of theme his party would be and that I would need Block Miner party supplies.

Some things looked like they did not belong, like the horse foil balloon, but these party supplies were full of surprises. Everything else is completely 8-bit fun and adult confusion. The tablecloth and 8-bit forest backdrop go great together. We bought thick foam and cut them out like squares and painted them and added decals of the 8-bit world. The whole house looked like, and felt like, you were in Minecraft.

The dining table was so unique that all the plates, cups, and napkins were all Minecraft to a tee. Even the gold bricks and stone column were great additions. There was an 8-bit knighthead for the table and jewel goblets that fit right in. Heck, all you needed was a keyboard or joystick to make it a complete Minecraft dining room. In fact, I think we just made the next series of games the way everything was setup. Kids enjoyed little treasure boxes to put in their compasses, annoying noise putty, and splat rocks.

We used the treat bags for rock candy, orange, green, and blue six let candies and the tons of other candy that came with the Block Miner party supplies pack. The piñata would be a treat to end it all, but the piñata didn’t seem to go with the set. It was a sun. They liked beating up the sun anyway, making sure that all the treasures inside the piñata completely came out. It was a pleasure to see the kids jumping and running for candies. Then it was present time and of course, you know what they were. I knew that we were going to do a lot of cleaning after the party was over but with pleasure. All the kids wanted to help clean the mess.

I know birthdays come and go but this one was still going on, most of the kids stayed and had a sleep over so they can play Minecraft all night. Block Miner party supplies made it a Minecraft of its own because you have to build everything piece by piece and at the end, you come out the winner, because you save lots of money and time, I will do it again soon. Next month is his sister’s birthday and you bet your buck it is going to be fun. I don’t know what the theme will be but I have a clue.

Block Miner Party Supplies

Block Miner party packs are available in the following variants:

  • Block Miner Basic party pack for 8 guests.
  • Block Miner Deluxe party pack for 8 guests.
  • Block Miner Deluxe party pack with favor boxes for 8 guests.
  • Block Miner Ultimate party pack for 8 guests.
  • Block Miner Basic party pack for 16 guests.
  • Block Miner Deluxe party pack for 16 guests.
  • Block Miner Deluxe party pack with favor boxes for 16 guests.
  • Block Miner Ultimate party pack for 16 guests.

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