Angry Birds Party Supplies

Angry Birds Party Supplies

Angry Birds Party Supplies are based on Angry Birds game. This game is quite popular among kids. Children who love this game will, naturally, opt for Angry Bird theme for their birthday party. They know that their friends, too, like this game and would enjoy the birthday party based on this theme. Because, Angry Birds birthday party is hit among kids! And so are Angry Birds Party Supplies.

Angry Birds Party Supplies contents:

All the Angry Birds Party Supplies like dinner plates, desert plates, balloons etc. have a picture of Angry Birds on them. Spoons and forks, too, are of colors that complement the theme. You also get Angry Birds party decorations as well as Angry Birds party favors. Also included are Angry Birds party invitations that, when sent to the guests, inform them in advance about the theme of the party, so that they can bring gifts with them that compliment with the Angry Birds party theme. You can also buy Angry Birds Party Supplies separately.

Angry Birds Party Games:

Everyone wants to enjoy at a birthday party. Kids love playing games at parties. Parents always have a hard time to decide about the games that they would arrange for the kids to play at the party. But, the good news is that for a Angry Birds themed birthday party, this is a no-brainer. Kids will play Angry Birds game. And they would love Angry Birds Party Supplies.

Game Background:

Green pigs have captured eggs of the birds. The birds are angry with the pigs. They want to destroy the pigs and retrieve back the eggs. Pigs are being sheltered by some structures so these structures should also be destroyed in order to hit the pigs.

How to play Angry Birds?

The target of the game is to destroy all the pigs on a field. Players use a slingshot to launch the birds with the objective of either hitting the pigs or the structures sheltering the pigs. The shelters are made of various stuff, like, stone, ice and wood. Types of structures changes with each level. Sometimes, explosive rocks and crates are also present in the shelters, which, when hit accurately, help in eliminating hard-to-reach pigs.

Types of Birds:

Various types of birds are available in the game. At the starting few levels, there is only red bird is available. Later stages reveal additional types of birds. Different types of birds possess different abilities. Like, some birds are effective against some specific substance, some birds can increase their speed, some birds can explode, some birds can divide themselves into three small birds and some birds can produce explosive eggs.

Types of Pigs:

Like the birds, the pigs are also of different types. Small pigs are weak. They can be easily destroyed by direct hits. They can also be destroyed by the debris of the damaged shelters. Bigger pigs are relatively strong and can sustain more damage. Some pigs appear wearing helmets and they are able to sustain some damage. Some pigs wear crowns and they can take the most damage.

Game Levels:

Each level has pre-determined number, order and types of birds. The level is considered as complete when all the pigs are destroyed before all the birds are used. The next level is unlocked only when the previous level is completed. Points are awarded for each pig defeated. The destruction of the structure or the damage to it also accrue points. If all the pigs are destroyed and the player has unused birds, more points are awarded. When a level is completed, depending on the score received, players receive one, two, or three stars.

Game Platforms:

Angry Birds game is available on various platforms, such as, Windows, Mac OS X, PlayStation 3, PSP, Windows Phone 7, Android, Symbian 3, Series 40, iOS, MeeGo, Maemo, HP webOS, WebGL, Google Chrome (Google Web Store), Google Plus, Facebook, BlackBerry Tablet OS and Bada.

Angry Birds Game History:

The game is developed by Rovio Entertainment. It is a Finnish video and computer game developer company based in Espoo. The company was set up by Niklas Hed, Jarno Väkeväinen, and Kim Dikert. They were Helsinki University of Technology students. The game was first released in December 2009 for Apple’s iOS. The game met with huge success. Over 12 million copies of the game were sold. This led the company to develop versions for other touchscreen-based smartphones, Android phones in particular.

Angry Birds Special Editions:

Like Angry Birds Party Supplies and party packs, the game also comes in various editions.

Angry Birds Seasons is a special Halloween edition of game that was released in October 2010. The game includes Halloween-themed graphics and music with new levels.

Angry Birds Rio was launched in March 2011. This version is based on Rio, a 20th Century Fox animated movie. The movie characters are also present in the game.

Angry Birds Space was launched on March 22, 2012. The game features new gameplay mechanics and 60 initial levels.

Angry Birds Magic is a special version of the game, developed exclusively for Nokia’s NFC enabled Symbian devices.


Angry Birds has been named as the fourth best iPhone game of all time by IGN in September 2010. UK Appy awards has named Angry Birds as “Best Game App” and “App of the Year” in April 2011. Angry Birds has won “Best Game for Handheld Devices” at the 15th edition of the Webby Awards.

Trivia (Use it to impress your birthday party guests):

  • The game has been downloaded more than 700 million times.
  • On Christmas Day, December 25, 2011, 6.5 million copies of Angry Birds games were downloaded.
  • Angry Birds Game holds the record for most days at the top of the Paid Apps chart in the history of the Apple App Store. For 275 days it was at the No.1 position.
  • Angry Birds’ free version was the fourth-most downloaded app in Apple’s “iTunes Rewind” list of the most popular iTunes Store media for 2011.
  • Angry Birds HD (an iPad-exclusive) version was the top-selling and top-downloaded iPad apps for the year 2011.
  • Angry Birds Seasons and Angry Birds Rio, the game’s two special-edition versions were ranked in the top 10 for paid iPhone/iPod apps in 2011.
  • Angry Birds Party Supplies are one of the most popular party supplies of all times.

Angry Birds Party Supplies: The Options

Angry Birds Party Supplies come in various packages. Select as per your requirement.


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